Énigmes et sensations

François Ditesheim

Philippe Monod is a fine man, he is a fine artist. I am almost tempted to pretend “because he is a fine man !” These two concepts do not necessarily go together, but here the purity of the work – innocence and knowledge mixed – comes from the integrity of the person.

I have known Monod for more than twenty years when he was timidly approaching and then adopting the magic technique of pastel. Together we organized several personal exhibitions as well as a group show which brought him to the top of the pastel world – “ Praise to the Pastel” with famous artists like Liotard, Degas, Redon, Bonnard, Picasso, Petlin and many more. Philippe Monod resisted the comparison.

Now California will discover his work: good luck to you, dear Philippe, you are a fine artist.

François Ditesheim